About Eric



Eric Williams has worked professionally for over a decade to conserve and protect natural resources in the Omaha community. He is the Natural Resources Planner at the Papio-Missouri River NRD, where his work focused on planning and construction of trails for active transportation, recreation, and access to natural resources.

From 2010 until 2013, Eric was the Technical Program Coordinator for reEnergize Program, a US Department of Energy grant-funded initiative to encourage the market for residential and commercial energy efficiency evaluations and upgrades. The program completed over 1,500 residential upgrades, working with both market rate customers, and low/moderate income homes.

Eric has demonstrated energy conservation and clean energy production in all aspects of his own life. In 2014, he installed a 3 kilowatt solar panel system on his own home to produce about 90% of the energy used in the home each year.

Opening of the South Omaha Trail, Phase 2 in fall 2016.